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Monday, August 18, 2014

Love Thy Neighbor - The Singing Wells Family

The Next Step
Love Thy Neighbor
The Singing Wells Family
Rite Records - Cincinnati, Ohio
Sides #25743 and 25744
February 13, 1970

From the back cover: Jeffery (pictured on the left) furnishes all the music we use with his 12 string electric guitar.

After All
Too Much To Gain To Lose
He Knows What I Need
The One Who Died For Me
I Want To Do Thy Will
At The Roll Call
For God So Loved
I Shall Be At Home With Jesus
I Thank You For The Valley
The Holy Hills Of Heaven
The Next Step
Love Thy Neighbor


  1. Well I am 100% biased as this is my grandparents and uncle, but I hope this is in the GOOD category! :)

    1. Good stuff and somewhat unique for local period record production. Cheers! – M

    2. I would do anything for a copy of this album! I love them so much. Are your grandparents still with us? Please call me at 1343 989 1125 or email me at

  2. Sincere, authentic and unpretentious - what more could you want from gospel?