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Friday, April 22, 2016

The Best Of J. D. Jarvis

I Am The Man Thomas
The Best Of J. D. Jarvis with special guest Josh Graves
Producer - Dennis Hensley
Sage grass Records - (Taylor Mill) Covington, Kentucky

J. D. Jarvis lived were he worked, in the Southern Ohio/Northern Kentucky area. During his time played as a session musician on many local gospel album projects while producing enough of his own work to warranty this "best of" set with Josh Graves who backs him on the Dobro.

Sagegrass Records appears to be a label Jarvis and producer Hensley made up to promote this album and perhaps other "bluegrass" projects. The studio, owned and operated by Hensley at the time, was better known as "Jordan Recording Studio". The studio is still in operation today.

The album production, strangely enough, doesn't appear to have been local (as in Rite, Jewel or QCA). I can't tell who pressed the disc.

Let Me Rest At The Top Of The Mountain
You Can't Stand Up And Say You Were Framed
Meeting On The Old Camp Ground
That's Good Enough For Me
Jesus Getting Us Ready For That Great Day
I Am The Man Thomas
I Can't Let Down On My Lord
The Empty Chair
Lay Down My Bible And Go Home
Dust On The Bible


  1. 'Hylen Miners Tragedy', that's up there with my favorite songs, no matter the music. J.D. was a talent, visited by Gen. Patton in the hospital during World War II.

    Great blog, I will read it all.