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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hasn't God Gave Enough - The Midway Boys

Hasn't God Gave Enough (Walker Cope)
Hasn't God Gave Enough
The Midway Boys
Artist's Records - Cincinnati, Ohio - 750457

Credits from the back cover: Walker Cope - Guitar, Larry Hundley - Guitar, Sky Norris - Mandolin and Lead Guitar, Charlie Hagger - Bass, Herman Bruce - Banjo and Junior Bennett - Fiddle

The mailing address for the group was Williamsburg, Ohio.


  1. Good stuff! Reminds me of Jim and Jesse, The Virginia Boys!

  2. My dad, Herman Bruce played the banjo on this album. Glad I found it! He didn't play with this group. He played with the Cincinnati area group "The Friendship Trio." They recorded several albums in the 60's with Jewel Recording and maybe a couple on Jordan.