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Friday, September 9, 2011

Carlisle Family Album - Old Time Great Hymns

Mary Don't You Weep
Carlisle Family Album
Old Time Great Hymns
Dedicated to the Late Mother and Dad Carlisle
Featuring Cliff and Bill Carlisle
Old Homestead Records OHCS-303

Obscure country gospel album. The only reference to the Carlisle family that I can find online is a German(?) wiki page that features bio material on Cliff Carlisle. I can make out that Cliff was born in 1904 in Taylorsville, Kentucky and passed away in 1983 while living in Lexington, Kentucky. I think the article states that he was a "pionier des Blue Yodeling", or maybe Bluesgrass(?) Yodeling? Anyway, there is no yodeling on this album.

The male vocal you hear on the sample and through out the record must be Cliff's(?). No credit is given to other male or female vocalist(s), but one can assume they are family members.

The jacket also states that the "album was originally recorded for the REM label (a small label located in Lexington, KY) but was never previously released".

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