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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In The Footprints Of Jesus - Doug Chambers

Soldier Of The Cross (Footprints Of Jesus)
Meeting In The Air (Footprints Of Jesus)
When The Saints Go Marching In (Footprints Of Jesus)
Just For Me (Zion Records Presents Doug Chambers)
Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho (Zion Records Presents Doug Chambers)

In The Footprints Of Jesus
Doug Chambers

Going Home
Zion Records Presents Doug Chambers
LP 107

OK. What I've got here is your typical album jacket with the wrong record found inside. If you collect records... you know how often this happens. The record enclosed is apparently Chambers first album titled Zion Records Presents Doug Chambers rather than Footprints of Jesus. I was able to find a digital copy of this album (Footprints Of Jesus) and have included several samples here.

Later I found, Zion Records Presents Doug Chambers (Going Home) in the lot of records I purchased. The labels are different... but the Zion catalog number is the same.  So I thought that I would also present several samples from that album here. Both albums are quirky affairs featuring some outstanding jazz/swing/rockabilly picking along with Chambers odd vocals, strange arrangements and backing/studio vocalists that seem out of tune. The timing/tempo seems screwy on some tunes as well. This whacky blend really makes for a couple of unique and enjoyable LPs.

From the back cover: I want to express my sincere thanks to two outstanding artists who did a fine job in displaying their talents on this record. I was thrilled as I heard Mr. Don Lewis, the organist, begin the song, Calvary, in the first few minutes of the studio session. He certainly did a wonderful job as he played progressive lead on six of the songs. For a change in pace, the organ is alternated with a great sounding Western steel guitar, played by a dear friend, Rev. Jeremiah Hanley.

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