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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Embers Sharing

I Heard The Voice Of Jesus
The Embers
Anchor Records No. 517

The Embers worked out of Stow, Ohio.


  1. Oh Man, I love the seventies cop show background music! This would make a terrific theme song for a team of gospel singing crime fighters. Can't you just imagine a group of people dressed up in their Sunday best, singing into microphones, chasing criminals around vacant warehouses?! I can!

  2. The instrumental track is 70s, but the vocals are more like 1880s barbershop quartet. (Except for the horrible "take my yoke" chorus, which is pure contempo-hokum.)

    Dr. Possum has a great idea. Perfect action plot. Instead of Cop Rock, it could be Cop Gosp.