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Sunday, November 11, 2012

In My Fathers House - The Uhles Family

He Turned The Water Into Wine
In My Fathers House
Vision Recording Studio - Denair, California
EEU 238

In My Father's House
Pray Every Day
Go Home
A Man Called Christ
One More Valley
Call On Him
When I Reach That City
Thank You For The Valley
Standing Taller
He Turned The Water Into Wine


  1. Is there anyway you could post some more music from the Uhles Family Album??? Thanks so Much

    1. Do you know the Uhles family? I could give you some of our music. Please let me know.

    2. Dear "Anonymous"...... I have one album by The Uhles Family, "This We Believe", but would be interested in having more, if they exist. E-mail me at

  2. I am the Uhles Fanily the girl in that picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was 13 I remember the day!!!! Who are you and how did you get the album???? Make my day!!!!!!

    1. Hello! Most of the albums featured here come from Cincinnati area thrift stores, although few and possibly this one, was found on ebay.