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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sonny Hood And The Kings Of Melody

Mary's Baby
Sonny Hood And The Kings Of Melody
Dayton, Ohio NRS 560 Proclaim
Produced by Col. Dave Mathes Nashville Recording Services, Inc.
Nashville, Tennessee

Here is an obscure and terrific album produced by a group who worked out of Dayton, Ohio.

Group members are listed as: Sonny Hood, Frederick Odell Watts, Robert Earl Galodney, Trody Willie Watts, Charles Terry, Tommy Wilson, Willie Crawford and Paul Arnold.

Wait was written by Sonny Hood.

Old Blind Barnanas
My Prayer
God's Looking Down
No Cross
Walk In The Light
Mary's Baby
Jesus Is On The Mainline
I Ain't No Stranger Now
Can I Get One Witness
Lord Jesus

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