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Friday, October 18, 2013

Pipe Organ With Bird Calls - Lorin Whitney & Ralph Platt

All That Thrills My Soul
Lorin Whitney & Ralph Platt
Pipe Organ With Bird Calls
No. 2
Zondervan Recordings ZLP-653

All That Thrills My Soul
Surely Goodness And Mercy
I Know I'll See Jesus Someday
My Home Sweet Home
Somebody Whispered That Jesus Loves Me
Jesus Is Coming Again
Serenade by Toselli
Songs My Mother Taught Me
Sweet And Low
None But The Lonely Heart
Serenade by Drigo
To An Evening Star


  1. The cross is reversed. This is the work of satan ! I don't know if it is Lorin or Ralph who did the birds part, but it's scary.

  2. Over 40 years ago my best friend who was as obsessed with music as I was dug a copy of this out of her parents' record cabinet and we giggled ourselves silly over it. Thanks for the memory...