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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Reflections

Born To Serve The Lord
The Reflections
Studio Of Joy Enterprises - Virginia Beach, VA

From the back cover: Now let me introduced Hilda Blood, the tenor and also the pianist, Hilda has been a blessing to God and has really inspired and restored my faith many times over. In February of 1972, she had an affliction fall upon her eyes, and over a few months later she had to have both of her eyes sewn together. Through all of this she has never lost her vision of Jesus.

I Know You Love Me Lord
Had It Not Been
I Would Not Miss It For The World
That's Just his Way
Tell Me Why
I Claim Jesus Frist
The Old Rugged Cross
After All
He's Been So Good To Me
Born To Serve The Lord
Jesus Is Coming Soon
I'll Thank Him, I'll Praise Him

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