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Friday, May 9, 2014

Will The Lord Be With Me? - The Harmony Four

I'm A Poor Rich Man
Will The Lord Be With Me?
The Harmony Four
Jewel Recording Studios - Cincinnati, Ohio
Queen City Album - Cincinnati, Ohio

Will The Lord Be With Me
If That Isn't Love
I Know
Old Fashion Mother
I'm A Poor Rich Man
Build My Mansion
Sometimes A Mountain
I'm Homesick How For Heaven
He Looked Beyond My Faults


  1. Mark: I've just stumbled across this blog. Who else could say to you they are familiar with many of your artists? ha ha!!! I also have boxes and boxes of old gospel LPs that I would love to find a use for. Any suggestions?

    1. Hello Tracey: Gospel albums can be broken down into a variety of collecting groups. In this blog I focus on private press or people that basically made their own records, paying local record studios and LP manufactures for their help/services. Local record stores generally will not take the LPs or pay much for these records because they can't mark them up much and they are also slow to sell. Many store owners aren't familiar with gospel forms in general which makes it hard for them to pick and choose the more interesting LPs. But you can take a sample stack to any record store and see what they offer you. With that said, of course, some LPs will be more valuable than others and can be sold on ebay in an effort to find the best market. I hope this helps. – Mark