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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Always Remember - Phil Kerr

Thine Alone
Always Remember
Phil Kerr's Harmony Chorus
Directed By Audrey Meier
Sacred LP 9019

I'm His To Command
Thine Alone
He'll Understand And Say "Well Done"
For All My Sins
The Touch Of His Hand
Known Only To Him
Singing In My Soul
How About Your Heart
Always Remember
I'll Walk Them Golden Stairs
Lead Me To That Rock
In The Cool Of The Evening


  1. Fabulous music! When I was a kid and living in Long Beach, CA our family would drive up and be there at the Monday night musicals! Can't wait to see Phil and his Harmony Chorus some day in Heaven where we will all be singing praises to our wonderful Lord in person!!!

    1. A few of us are still around ... details? David Lee ...

  2. The Arnold Pent family travelled in California during this period when I was in my late teens. We sang and recited Scripture on the all night telethon featuring Phil Kerr and Audrey Meiers choir. I listened to this album over and over and it was a great help to me spiritually. Several of the songs listed on this record we learned and incorporated into our publicly presented programs. A few years later I authored a book describing travels our travels entitled "Ten P's In A Pod" which is still available in print and audio form.