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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wonderful Is Jesus - Alice Trent

Keep Walking

Wonderful Is Jesus
Alice Trent
Light Of Life - Hamilton, Ohio
Queen City Album - Cincinnati, Ohio

From the back cover: We want to express our appreciation, along with Brother and Sister Trent, to Jeanette Barrett, Pianist and to Jack Cox, Organist. They are both members of the West Side Pentecostal Church, 1940 Millville Ave., Hamilton, Ohio. The Rev. Robinson is the Pastor.

Sister Elsie Sparks, playing the lead guitar, and Brother Will Sparks, playing the rhythm guitar, have been close friends of the Trents for many years.

Brother and Sister Trent are members of the Maryland Ave. Pentecostal Church, 1710 Maryland Ave., Covington, Ky. Rev. Chester Schell is Pastor.

This album "Wonderful Is Jesus" is not just another album, it is the true feeling of Sister Alice, Jesus has truly been wonderful to her.

A few years ago the doctors told Brother Trent that Sister Trent would not be able to sing any more, they had found Cancer in her throat.

Brother Trent began to pray, he needed Sister Trent, she was a part of his ministry. While praying alone in the church one day The Lord sent a messenger to him and told him that Sister Trent would live and sing again; from that day Sister Trent recovered, and in a few weeks she was completely healed and singing for Jesus again.

Wonderful Is Jesus
I Will Follow Thee
Dear Jesus Abide With Me
I've Been To Calvary
Something Better Than Gold
Home Coming Week
I Can Almost See The Lights Of Home
One More Valley
Keep Walking
I Don't Regret A Mile

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  1. Great sound. Reminds me of when I was young and would go to Church with my family.