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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Lord It's Just Another Hill - The Bridges Quartet

Unseen Hand
Full Album
Lord It's Just Another Hill
The Bridges Quartet
Jewel Records - Cincinnati, Ohio
LPS 367

In addition to the single sample presented above, I've shared the entire set in its entirety as recorded from the first play through, straight out of the sealed jacket. Enjoy!

Lord It's Just Another Hill
A Song Angels Cannot Sing
Where Will You Be
A Land Where No Cabins Fall
Too Much To Gain
Unseen Hand
A Better Life Is Waiting
A Glimpse Of Heaven
Jesus Will Outshine Them All
If Heaven's A Dream


  1. Thanks, I could listen to these people day after day. I wish I had every album they ever made. I have several of them. Great singers.

  2. Call New Haven Missionary Baptist Church, Norwood, OH (513) 531-6186 and leave a message for Amanda with your number of course, telling her you want the seven-CD-set of The Bridges Quartet. I just ordered the set and am looking forward to hearing everything they put out, myself!