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Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Spiritual Side Of The Redemptions

I Will
The Spiritual Side Of The Redemptions
RSR 210

As is the case with a number of records I find, the original owner managed to swap discs between jackets when tidying up around the turntable, so the musical sample above is from the RSR 210 disc, rather than from the RSR 320 set (jacket images featured above). Normally, I wouldn't share the package, but the group is obscure and the set is a good one.

Track list from RSR 210

I Will
God's Country
Love Will Roll The Clouds Away
Hallelujah Meeting
Once You Start To Climb This Mountain
I Get So Happy
More To Go To Heaven That I Had Yesterday
King Jesus
Ten Thousand Years
Reach Out And Touch My Jesus
Oh! What A Day
City Of Heaven

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