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Friday, September 20, 2019

The Heart And Soul Of Molly O'Day

Snow Covered Mound
The Heart And Soul Of Molly O'Day
All Songs Arranged by Molly O'Day & Lynn Davis
Mastertone - Distributed by BUY Enterprises, Inc. - Cincinnati, Ohio
Manufactured by QCA Queen City Album - Cincinnati, Ohio

From the back cover: Molly started her singing career as a country singer. Her recording of "Tramp On The Street" made her famous nationwide. Others will remember her on the old 78 RPM records singing "Thirty Pieces Of Silver," "The Singing Waterfall," and "Coming Home On The Morning Train." Her soul stirring voice would ring clear and true even on the poor fidelity recordings of the early years.

In the early 50s Molly met and married Lynn Davis and since then religion has become the shining light that has guided her way of life. Her husband is a musician too, who accompanies Molly on many of her recordings.

I'll Shout And Shine (Molly & Lynn, Duet)
When I Inherit My Mansion (Molly, Solo)
When Judgement Reaches Home (Molly & Lynn, Duet)
It Won't Be Long (Molly & Lynn, Duet)
Snow Covered Mound (Molly, Solo)
Blind Child (Molly, Solo)
Good Man Of The House Is Coming Home (Molly & Lynn, Duet)
Just As The Sun Went Down (Molly & Lynn, Duet)
Crossing Over The River (Molly & Lynn, Duet)
Thank God For My Christian Home (Molly & Lynn, Duet)
He Was Waiting At The Altar (Molly)
Sinner Man Where You Gonna Hide (Lynn Davis)

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