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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sweetly And Simply - Shirley

Nobody Like The Lord
Sweetly And Simply
21st. Century Christ Ministry
LP 892

From the back cover: Traveling with her husband, W.V. Grant, Jr., she is called in newspapers around the country "America's leading female gospel organist." In the South, people of all races call her "Miss White Soul."

Grant originally operated from a ministry located in Over-The-Rhine, an economically depressed area in Cincinnati, Ohio in the 70s.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Old Family Album

Since I Met The Lord
The Old Family Album
Featuring: Buddy

The record came in a jacket blank with a white hand-written sticker fixed to the acetate.

Record label as seen above is all the info I have to go on.

The surprise is the record features a full blown studio production with a session musicians and back-up vocalists.

I think the sample I posted features "Buddy" singing.

Carlisle Family Album - Old Time Great Hymns

Mary Don't You Weep
Carlisle Family Album
Old Time Great Hymns
Dedicated to the Late Mother and Dad Carlisle
Featuring Cliff and Bill Carlisle
Old Homestead Records OHCS-303

Obscure country gospel album. The only reference to the Carlisle family that I can find online is a German(?) wiki page that features bio material on Cliff Carlisle. I can make out that Cliff was born in 1904 in Taylorsville, Kentucky and passed away in 1983 while living in Lexington, Kentucky. I think the article states that he was a "pionier des Blue Yodeling", or maybe Bluesgrass(?) Yodeling? Anyway, there is no yodeling on this album.

The male vocal you hear on the sample and through out the record must be Cliff's(?). No credit is given to other male or female vocalist(s), but one can assume they are family members.

The jacket also states that the "album was originally recorded for the REM label (a small label located in Lexington, KY) but was never previously released".

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wadin' Through Deep Waters - The Lunford's Singing The Gospel

Oh What A Happy Day
Wadin' Through Deep Waters
The Lunford's Singing The Gospel
Rose Records - Vandalia, Ohio - LPR 190
Rite Record Productions, Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio - RTE 27772

Presenting The Saunders Trio

Will Meet You In The Morning

Presenting The Saunders Trio
Queen City Album - Cincinnati, Ohio - 206314

The Saunders worked out of Scottown, Ohio.

This album was autographed, apparently, at the Bob Evans Festival 10/8/72

They'll Never Change The Way - The Earls And Whitehead Gospel Singers

Then I Got Happy
Lord Give Me A Vision
They'll Never Change The Way
The Earls And Whitehead Gospel Singers
Recorded at: Commercial Sound - Leon Turner - Engineer
Distributed by: Jalyn Records - Dayton, Ohio
Manufactured by Rite Records - Cincinnati, Ohio - Rite 448 - 18847

From the back cover: This is The Earls and Whitehead Gospel Singers third album, and I think their best. If you like good Gospel Bluegrass, don't pass this one up.

Edward Earls, is from McCreay County, Kentucky, and now lives in Muncie, Indiana. He sings lead and bass, plays 5-strings banjo and guitar.

Millie Earls, is from Izard County, Arkansas and is married to Edward Earls. She sings soprano and tenor.

Leamon Whitehead, is also from McCreary County, Kentucky, plays flat top guitar and sings lead.

Patty Whitehead, is from Selma, Indiana, and is married to Leamon Whitehead. She plays flat top guitar and sings high tenor.

Joyce Browning, is from Muncie, Indiana. She sings alto.

Paul Hill, plays 12-string guitar and violin on this album.

Nelson Hill, is furnishing the bass playing, and is Paul Hill's father.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Enter Into The Joy Of The Lord - The Sacred Bluegrass

The Darkened Way
Enter Into The Joy Of The Lord
Vernon Bowling and Joe Isaacs
The Sacred Bluegrass
Gospel Shore Records - Dayton, Ohio

Enter Into The Joy Of The Lord
The Darkened Way
He Is Mine
Someone Is Waiting For You
I Went Back Again
The Sunny Side Of Life
He Never Failed Me
I'm In The Way
I Wouldn't Miss It
Paul's Ministry
Mother's Prayers

Bernice Byrd Sings Songs Of Request

Walk As Close As I Can
Bernice Byrd Sings Songs Of Request
Log Cabin - Mt. Healthy, Ohio LP 107
Recorded at Jewel Recording Studios - Cincinnati, Ohio
Manufactured at Rite Records - Cincinnati, Ohio - Rite 962 - 17995

Excellent private press southern gospel album.

From the back cover: Bernice Byrd was born in Harlan, Kentucky, and being brought up in a Christian home, was always taught the way of the Lord. Bernice Byrd now makes her home in Taylor, Michigan with her daughter and husband.

Session credits: Dennis Hensley - Lead Guitar, Jackie Gibbs - Drums, Reverend Harley Hensley - Rhythm Guitar, Ray Wilson - Steel Guitar, Orangie Hubbard - Bass and Denny Rice - Piano.

Engineered and produced by Rusty York.

What Have You Gained - Ernest C. Martin

Mother's Not Dead She's Only Sleeping
A Crown He Wore
Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down
What Have You Gained
Ernest C. Martin
Jewel Records - Cincinnati, Ohio - LPS 346
QCA - Cincinnati, Ohio - 305117

Terrific southern gospel album by Ernest C. Martin who was working, at the time, out of Winchester, Kentucky.

From the back cover: The name of Ernest C. Martin is familiar to thousands of people throughout the states of Kentucky, Tenn., Va., Ohio and wherever else he travels to preach the Gospel. Ernest was born Jan. 27, 1914 at Clay City, Ky. He learned to pick some on the 5 string banjo while still a young boy. A six-dollar guitar was his next musical instrument. He was a Christian at the age of 15. Four years later he was working on WNOX Radio in Knoxville, Tenn. Something happened along the way and Ernest drifted to the wrong side of life. He learned and knew the sordid things that await anyone who chooses to live on the wrong side of the tracks.

In Martins own words, also from the back cover: I became a heavy drinker and lost my health completely. At this point of my life I put my trust in God. He wonderfully saved me and restored my health after three doctors had told me I had only six months to live.

Martin worked with Rusty York, owner/operator of Jewel and had thanked him and the staff for the "outstanding job they did in recording this album".

Additional credits: Dallas Alexander - Tenor, Vocals and Guitar, Darrel Alexander - Drums, Ernest Martin Jr. - Guitar, Vernon Leroy Martin - Bass and Bruce Andrews - Banjo. A Special Thanks to J. D. Jarvis.

Ernest Jr. and Vernon are Marin's sons. Martin dedicates the track A Crown He Wore to his wife, Fannie.