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Friday, October 14, 2016

Staying On Board - Gospel Minstrels

Staying On Board
Staying On Board
Gospel Minstrels
Rite Record Productions Inc. - Cincinnati, Ohio
Sides # 35395 & 35396

Staying On Board
Precious Jesus Keep Holding My Hand
I'm Going That Way
Jesus Opened Up The Way
One Day At A Time
Were It Not For Jesus
Wade On Out
Touch Me Again
I Think I'll Go In Through The Eastern Gate
Gloryland March

Thursday, October 13, 2016

He's All I Need - The Celestial Four

The Celestial Four Sing
He's All I Need
Artist's Records - Cincinnati, Ohio

Ain't It Good News
Swing Wide The Gates
I've Got That Old Time Religion In My Heart
In The Shelter Of His Arms
He's All I Need
Without God
Oh What A Day
Wake Up In Glory
Don't Ever Let Go Of

Variety - Lorne & Jimmie Ruth Matthews

I'll Leave It All Behind
I'm Going To Drink At The Fountain
Lorne & Jimmie Ruth Matthews
Golden Shield Records - Cincinnati, Ohio
Manufactured by Rite Records, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio
Sides #Rite GS 1051 & Rite GS 1052 -2

I'm Going To Drink At The Fountain
Something Worth Living For
I'll Leave All Behind
V Is For Victory
Testimony Songs
Had It Not Been
I Believe
Old Camp Meeting
Follow Me
Why Should I Worry Or Fret
Joy In The Camp