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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When Our Lord Shall Come Again by The Kentucky Gospel Trio

Stranger On The Road
My Home In The Sky
When Our Lord Shall Come Again by The Kentucky Gospel Trio
Midwest Gospel Sound Records - Dayton, Ohio
Recorded and Manufactured - Rite Records - Cincinnati, Ohio
Sides #22349 & 22350

Monday, February 4, 2013

Little Evelyn Sings For The Glory Of God

This World Is Not My Home
Little Evelyn Sings For The Glory Of God
Little Evelyn Records
Goodman Sound Studio - Madisonville, Kentucky

From the back cover: Like most people, my first reaction to "Little Evelyn" was PITY. My heart went out to this little lady who sits 34 inches tall and has never walked a day in her life. She rolls around in a miniature wheel chair, manipulated by the feet. Like most women, she is conscious of weight and tries to keep herself at about 50 pounds. Shortly after birth, doctors diagnosed her physical condition as osteosclerosis. Her bones were so fragile, as a child she was carried to church in a pillow. Her childhood days were made up of trips in and out of the hospital with multiple fractures. The life expectancy for a person with this condition is short. "Little Evelyn" was not expected to live any longer than her early teen years. As usual, Evelyn has not been the ordinary case; she recently started on the second half of a century of "rolling" on this earth.

As I got to know Evelyn better, sight of her handicap became a background factor. My reaction grew from pity to ADMIRATION. I looked at my own abilities, drive and enthusiasm with access to a normal body in comparison to all this little gal was doing. I admired her limitless physical abilities. Many folks think that she might live in a miniature house, but not so. Evelyn and her elderly parents share a comfortable twinplex. Only a wall separates the two living quarters, but Evelyn does all her own housework and all furnishings are normal size, except for a miniature stove, sink and refrigerator. She designs and makes all her own clothes, and there is nothing dull hanging in her closet. Evelyn goes all out for bright and attractive colors when designing her clothes. One room in her living quarters is a work-room where Evelyn turns out some of the most beautiful ceramics available. Her work is in constant demand, as well as her ability to teach others the art of ceramics.

Little Evelyn Online story

So Many Years
He Knows And He Cares
Mansions Can't Be Bought In Heaven
I Need A Touch
Amazing Grace
My Testimony
Jesus Would Love Me The Same
This World Is Not My Home
Peace Everlasting