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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Want To Stroll Over Heaven - The Happy Four Gospel Singers

To Much To Gain To Lose
I Want To Stroll Over Heaven
The Happy Four Gospel Singers
Melody Records - Hamilton, Ohio MSLP-34
Queen City Album

Credits on the back cover include: Ralph Foster - Lead Singer, Ruth Foster - Alto, Rose Inman - Tenor and Rhythm Guitar, Rev. Arvel Sutton - Bass, Joe Elliott - Lead Guitar, Robert Gross - Rhythm Guitar, Jobie Inman - Electric Bass.

Occasionally I can google an address and find a photo of the home a group member lived in (the mailing address found on the back cover). This is a Cincinnati, Ohio address.

B + B = A+

B + B = A+
Miss Beckie Miss Brenda
Songs Of Spirit And Light By The Action Players
Master Recording/Jewel Recording Studio, Cincinnati, OH 21223

There are no words for the cover.

The organ/piano combo is fun.

Out Of This World - The Watkins Family Gospel Singers

God's Little People
Out Of This World
The Watkins Family Gospel Singers
Nashville Record Factory NRF LP-541

I think these folks are out of Crossville, TN. Hard to tell from the jacket notes.

This is one of the best titles for a gospel LP. And I mean that in a good way.

The rear cover sports this quote from the record company: "Quality Recordings at the Lowest Price in Nashville".

The music is poorly recorded. There are some nice vocal treatments on a few tracks, however I had to wait through side one for the little girl to sing. Her song shoots this set "Out Of This World"!

Walters Quartet - When He Reached Down His Hand For Me

Sorry I Never Knew You
The Walters Quartet
When He Reached Down His Hand For Me
Rite Record Production - Cincinnati, Ohio
Sides #17065 & 17066

The Walters' Quartet worked out of Williamstown, Kentucky.

From the back cover: The Walter's Quartet hail from Williamstown, Kentucky, a town of approximately 2500 population.

Everlasting Joy
What A Savior
God's Wonders
Don't Throw The First Stone
When He Reached Down His Hand For Me
Sorry I Never Knew You
Peace In The Valley
Hide Me Rock Of Ages
I Saw A Man
Born To Serve The Lord
Until Then
Daddy's Prayer

Sunday, March 27, 2011

With Love, His Witnesses

One Day At A Time
With Love
His Witnesses
Queen City Album Recording Studios, Cincinnati, Ohio

The Witnesses worked out of Lexington, Kentucky.

Something Beautiful

Get All Excited
Something Beautiful
Al Crocker
Music City Records MC AC 166

The Wilson Family Sings

I'm So Happy
The Wilson Family Sings
Salem (Virginia) Records 1057

The Wilson Family worked out of West Virginia and according to the jacket notes: " of the most talented groups in the Bluegrass Business and in demand everywhere."

The Wilsons are, Walter, Ruthalea (lovely name), David and Jay.

Teen Tones

A Thing Called Love
Love And Peace
From The Teen Tones
Artist's Recording Company, Cincinnati, OH

This album was a fun find for me. The Teen Tones worked out of The Latonia Christian Church. A Church that is located about a 5 minute drive down the street from me.

The sample track above features a nice solo.

My Cathedral Of Dreams

I Don't Know What's In The Future
My Cathedral Of Dreams
The Walden Sisters
Mission Records CR-WS-200

I Don't Know What's In The Future is the last track on the A side and is credited to Hersel Bumpus.

Paul Bechler - Who Cares...

Paul Bechler
Who Cares...
Archer Records 1977

Self produced autographed album.

The record contents are well executed piano renditions of Christian songs in the style of Liberace. A few tracks are flavored with synth effects that really don't blend with the excellent piano work heard on other tracks. Maybe Bechler felt the need to be "contemporary".

Evie - A Little Song Of Joy

Step Into The Sunshine
A Little Song of Joy For My Little Friends
Word Records 1978

OOPS! There Comes A Smile

OOPS! There Comes A Smile
OOPS! There Comes A Smile
Songs & Stories by Jim & Tammy & Their Friends
Sunshine Music Mountain - 1975

The Walters Family - Song From The Heart

Taller Than Trees
The Walters Family
Songs From The Heart
Rite Records, Cincinnati, Ohio

The Walters Family worked out of Williamstown, Kentucky.

The Walters Quartet - Too Much To Gain To Lose

Just A Closer Walk or Land We Never Grow Old
Too Much To Gain To LoseThe Walters Quartet
Rite Records Production

The Walters worked out of Williamstown, Kentucky. They made at least six albums.

Happy Am I - Songs By Little Marcy

Devil Devil Go Away
Happy Am I
Songs By Little Marcy
Word Wonder World Series
Word Records K-721

The Roberta Martin Singers - One Step Away

He's The One
The Roberta Martin Singers
One Step Away
Savoy MG-14147

Here's another great Martin Singers album cover by an artist known only as Harvey.

Evangelists Sing

It Will Be Worth It - Richard Brooks
Evangelists Sing
Conference On Evangelism
Kansas City, Missouri

Friday, March 25, 2011

Little Marcy - Sings Sunday School Songs

We Are More Than Conquerors

Little Marcy
Sings Sunday School Songs
Word Wonder World Series
Word Records K-701

Now I Can Show Christ's Love

It's A Wonderful Feeling
Now I Can Show Christ's Love
Jim Sunderwirth & Lenn Roberts
JS 5048

My Eye Is On The Prize

The Darkest Part Of The Night
My Eye Is On The Prize
Jimmy Turner
G&E Productions, Mishawaka, Indiana
Imperial Sacred Records
Artist's Recording Co., Cincinnati, Ohio 720809

Lost to history Owensboro, Kentucky recording artist featuring a raw and unusual sound.

Immortal Treasures

Beyond The Sun
Immortal Treasures
Stuart Hamblen
Bob Daniels
Darol Rice Orchestra and Chorus

Singing Along Life's Road

A Little Bit Of Love
Singing Along Life's Road
Hilding Halvarson
Bible Crusaders, Seattle, Wash.

Bridge To Dreamland - Paul Carson

Ivory Palaces
Bridge To Dreamland
Paul Carson
Pipe Organ
Alma Records, Los Angeles, CA

Paul Carson's custom label.

Gloria Jeanne

Say I Do
Gloria Jeanne
God's Love Is Such A Beautiful Thing
Manna Records 1975

Dawning Of A New Tomorrow - Don't Take My Burden

Don't Take My Burden
Dawning Of A New Tomorrow
The Huff Sisters
Golden Shield Records
Rite Record Productions

My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me

Home Sweet Home
My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me
The Great Voice Of Archie Johnson
Silverline Productions S1174
Queen City Album

Comment from the original post (11/28/10): He was my great uncle and he died yesterday. He was a wonderful man and will be greatly missed. I loved the way he sang "When they ring those golden bells"

The Pentecostal Four

A Lonely Dark Hill
The Pentecostal Four
Happy Reunion In Heaven
Melody Records, Hamilton, Ohio
Queen City Album

From the jacket notes: The Pentecostal Four are real wonderful Christians who came from Christian Families in the mountains of Kentucky.

The Tonettes Trio

Lonesome Valley
The Tonettes Trio
The Plan Of Salvation
Crusader Records, Illinois LPM 8101

The Tonettes: Geraldine Corzine and The Essary Sisters.

From the back cover: Geraldine is employed by Phoenix Mills in clerical and office work. Due to their work they are only together when their duties will permit. Their Christian duty and service is put ahead of pleasure."

The Richeys Sing

Which Road Leads To Heaven
The Rickeys Sing
Old & New Favorites
Evangelistic Recordings
Recorded At Benson's Studio, OK City
BR 1005

The Clovernotes

Moon River
The Clovernotes
Spread Joy!
From Clovernook Home And School For The Blind
Custom Fidelity Associates, Cincinnati, OH

There is also a Braille insert that lists the names of the "Clovernotes" and the song titles. It was prepared in the Clovernook Printing Shop.

This copy was sealed so enjoy the minty fresh vinyl tones of The Clovernotes!

Rejoice With The Heaven-Aires

I Lost It All, To Find Everything
Rejoice With The Heaven-Aires
Morning Son Records
Cyberteknic Creative Recording 197?

Another great private press from a lost to history group out of Springfield, Ohio, produced by Gary Cohn, WBZI Radio 95.3 FM, Xenia, Ohio.

The Tooley Family Singers

If That Isn't Love
The Tooley Family Singers
Benson Sound Studio, Oklahoma City, OK LPS-429

The Tooleys worked out of Freeman, South Dakota

Satan Has No Claim On Me

I Won't Have To Worry Anymore
Satan Had No Claim On Me
The Singing Mullins Family
Jordan Recording - United Recording Studios
Queen City Recording, Cincinnati, OH

This Is Brother Al

This Is Brother Al
United Faith Foundation 

The Armageddon Singers

The War Goes On
The Armageddon Singers
St. Charles College, Catonsville, Maryland

Needless to say Armageddon Singers is great name for a group, a heavy metal band. On the other hand a heavy metal band would never call themselves "singers."

The notes on the back cover explain, briefly, what the concept of "Armageddon" means to the boys and "... their songs tell of the hope of the spirit, of the sadness and futility of war, and of the joys and sorrows of life. This in a nutshell is exactly what the Armageddon Singers want to sing about."

Note the illustration of little hooded KKK figures, a Civil War Battlefield and a... oh yeah... an atomic blast (they don't call them the Armageddon Singers for nothing!).

This recording was obviously not made in a studio. The sound quality is poor throughout and in places its sounds like the tape machine developed a flutter problem. Printed on the record label is a subtle disclaimer from RPC (the company that pressed the record): "Recorded from client's furnished tape"

Song choices, with exceptions, do not seem to support the album concept. The track posted above was written by one member of the group and, I think, that this is the song the illustration is based on.

Diane Rumford - With A Song In My Heart

The Song Of A Singing Heart
Nothing Is Impossible

Diane Rumford
With A Song In My Heart
Queen City Album, Cincinnati, Ohio

The liner notes mention that Rumford did solo work with the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra.

Jack & Rick

He Was There All The Time
We're Going To Keep On Working...
Jack & Rick
QCA Recording Studios & Custom Pressing, Cincinnati, OH