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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Little White Church By The Scott Countians

Decoration In Heaven
Little White Church
By The Scott Countians
Jewel Records, Cincinnati, Ohio
LPS 296

Nice bluegrass gospel album from a group who where working out of Milford, Ohio.

From the back cover: The group was organized in the early 60's. They started out as the Scott County Quartet and have traveled throughout areas of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee, having experienced many blessings from the Lord. They have recently had some additions to the group so they now call themselves, The Scott Countians.


  1. This group had my mother and father and uncles in it god bless them for the music . My dad willard duncan and uncle Dewey bond are in heaven but the music will live on forever for me and I am blessed to hear it every day.

  2. That was my uncle dewey and memories of this album of when I was a little girl still flood me full of tears...i miss dewey and Willard so much.