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Thursday, April 28, 2011

My God Can Do Anything

I'm His – He's Mine
My God Can Do Anything
Marco HI– FI Production

Obscure label. Betty Baxter and Faye Penland worked out of Lincolnton, N.C.

From the back cover: It has never been the desire of the Baxter - Penland Evangelistic Party to achieve for themselves worldly fame. When their singing no longer inspires their audience, and their preaching ceases to bring help to troubled souls, then the Baxter - Penland Evangelistic Party will cease to exist.


  1. The Rev. Betty Baxter is my grandmother. She still preaches, by request, at events such as revivals and rededications. I thank you for making others aware of her work.

    1. I grew up listening to her preach when she and Fay came to our church. I would love to know how they are both doing and say hello. I would also want to say thank you to Betty for all the inspiration she gave me growing up.

      Diane P