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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Golden Streets Of Glory - Singing Gospelaires

Midnight In The Middle Of The Day
Golden Streets Of Glory
Singing Gospelaires
Riverside Records - Covington, KY
NCP 1009

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  1. Hi I'm Delores Burton, I'm the one sing on this album. It thrilled me when I ran across it. We are a trio now. We've came a little farther down the road since then. We've had about five songs released to radio and three got on the charts. One was on the Singing News chart. We've traveled all over the states singing with some well known singers. God has really blessed us to be able to reach out to so many. We have slowed down now because of health. As you can tell by the date the album was recorded we're not young anymore. lol Those were such good times, have no regrets. Thank you for posting this, God bless you.