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Thursday, December 6, 2012

J. D. Says Everybody Sings Bluegrass

Up In My Father's House
I'll Never Die (Bertha and Brenda Stevens)
What A Happy Day (Lois Hubbard and the Pentecostal Youth)
J. D. Says Everybody Sings Bluegrass
Queen City Album - Cincinnati, Ohio

J. D. is J. D. Jarvis, an artist who worked out of Hamilton, Ohio and recorded locally on this label, Queen City Album and other local labels such as Jewel and Rite. Jarvis also worked as a session musician backing many local gospel acts during this same period.

Jarvis was prolific, by local standards, and made some of the better gospel music in the area.

On this album, Jarvis splits creative efforts between himself and some of his friends.

The engineering on this record, for a local period recording, is very good.

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