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Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Hill - Perry Duet

King Jesus
Another Hill
Perry Duet
Jewel - Cincinnati, Ohio
LPS 170

From the back cover: Both Samson and Dorothy Perry were born in Wayne County, West Virginia. They reside in Detroit, Michigan with their two daughters, Polly Marie and Judith Ann. They were both saved in 1965. This is the first Long Play Album the Perry Duet have recorded.

For some reason, The Perry Duet decided to travel down to Cincinnati, Ohio to record their album. Perhaps Jewel's reputation as a recording and production company had traveled far north amongst gospel artists.

Rusty York not only engineered and produced the album, but also played guitar. Other studio musicians include: Jr. McIntyre on banjo and Chet Barnett on Bass.


  1. Nice vocal treatments and slower tempo version of this song.

  2. If you only knew the hell that Dorthy Perry put our family through and not only her children but in our family's life she is no saint and pretends to be but she is not . she used her own children to promote her ministry and her husband and they never married because of that . I know Dorthy Perry on a personal level my grandmother welcomed her into our family and took care of her when she was younger and she has done nothing but seperate our family with her lies and so called phrophesies and stab our family in the back she has broken up 2 marriages in our family..God knows who else lives she has messed up ....she will have to stand before God one day not as a so called prophetess , but for what she has done while on earth .