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Friday, June 24, 2011

I Met The Master - Peggy Caudill

Who Am I
I Met The Master
Peggy Caudill
Cabut Recorda LP 1007
Rite Record Productions - Cincinnati, Ohio
Sides #1501 & 25134

From the back cover: Peggy "O'Dell" Caudill was born in Portsmouth, Ohio, in 1939. She's married and has three children. It's been her desire to sing all her life. She's been a Christian about a year and a half. She enjoys working in revivals.

It appears from the label that Cabut was located in Kermit W. Virginia. I'm assuming that Caudill was a local (Cincinnati area) artist, as she is mentioned on the jacket as having been born in Portsmouth and since the record was pressed at Rite. But I'm not sure why she would have recorded in this W. Virginia studio.

This is one of those rare vintage gospel albums that rises like the cream in milk... if they simply left milk alone to do what it does naturally. The tunes all have this dreamy quality about them. Caudill's sweet vocal treatments are backed by some nice steel guitar work and subtle backup vocals. The songs just drift along one into the next, blending as if the entire album was meant to be heard as a single track.

And you have to love the cover photo of Caudill holding her 12 string electric flattop. Sweet.

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  1. Yes, very dreamy. I can imagine listening to this on a back porch as the sun goes down.