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Sunday, June 26, 2011

It Took The Best Heaven Had - Billie Roop

You Don't Have Far To Go
I've Got Confidence
It Took The Best Heaven Had
Billie Roop
Lundy Recording Studio - Barbourville, Kentucky
Viola Records VR-140

The Roop Family members were part of a Pineville Pentecostal Church group known as The Uplifters. The cover and title suggest that the record is a solo project for Billie Roop. However, the song It Took The Best Heaven Had is credited as having been written by Roop. So I think the marketing idea was to feature her and this song and the album, as a whole, is a family project.

There is a list of studio musicians on the jacket. A guitar is not credited. So I think the odd guitar is probably being played by a Roop in the sample You Don't Have Far To Go, (a tune Roop also wrote). Apparently the owner of Lundy Records, David Duane Lundy, played drums on this LP.

This record is unusual and wonderful.

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  1. Two diverse samples! Yeah, I can tell that this one is a winner!