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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Purple Rob - Wayne Smith

Meeting In The Air
The Purple Rob
Wayne Smith
Artists Records - Cincinnati, Ohio

Here's a somewhat unusual album. The cover is pretty cool, almost too well done for a local private press. In other words, you almost never see artwork on a vintage private press like this that isn't a photo of the artist or a pre-printed or stock art cover. But this is the only example I've seen of this cover to date... so it is possible that Smith somehow managed to have this jacket package created for him.

Next... I assumed the vocal treatments were going to be the typical tenor type that I just can't get into. But Wayne's treatments are unpolished, almost lounge with a touch of country. He sounds like Al Morgan, another well known (that's relative statement… Al is all but forgotten now) Cincinnati area lounge artist. If I didn't know better... I'd say they are one in the same person. Check out the link and hear for yourself.

Anyway, this LP is curious and entertaining.


  1. Ha! yeah, very similar voices. Super album jacket! nice find!