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Saturday, June 25, 2011

God Is So Good To Me - The Little Country Trio

God Is So Good To Me
Remind Me
God Is So Good To Me
The Little Country Trio
Rite Record Productions, Inc. - Cincinnati, Ohio
Rite matrix #

The Little Country Trio members include Jesse Hutson, Loman Jeffers and Norma Jeffers.

These folks put out a powerful sound for just three people backed by a guitar. The vocal treatments are way down home.

I also thought I'd include the first track on the A side, because it features one of the children. Using a child in a song is a usually a gimmick that doesn't work. But in this case, the child's voice (Donna) accents the tune nicely.

Carl J. Burkhardt is credited as the recording engineer.


  1. The hands holding the Bible open on the cover of this album are my father`s, Jesse (he prefered to be called J.J. when they were traveling). My father and my great aunt, Norma, started out singing together at the Little Country Missionary Baptist Church in the early `60s. It wasn`t until a little while later, that my great uncle began attending church. My dad taught him to play guitar. He was a good player but Dad was the lead picker. Once he started regularly attending my Dad and great Aunt included him in their group and that`s how The Little Country Trio came about.

    The photos on the backside of the album were taken at our house.

    Also, all three members were born and raised in Scott County, TN.

    Latisha S. Hutson Gibson

  2. This was one group of people that never failed to be a blessing where ever they went. You could feel the spirit every time they sang.

    Mickey J. Gibson

  3. I found this blog yesterday after my mom, Norma Jeffers, shared that a friend from church said he had come across the site. I called my mom tonight to share the wonderful words you shared with your bloggers and how a few songs had been highlighted for everyone to listen to. My mom was thrilled beyond words!! She exclaimed how excited she is that the music of the Little Country Trio was still blessing souls! My mom still sings in her home church and occasionally in and around her hometown of Fairfield Ohio. Jesse went home to be with the Lord and dad, Loman Jeffers, has been ill for several years and unable to sing or play his guitar.

    I'm so proud of my heritage and the experience of growing up with a singing family!!

    Thank you again for continueing this awesome work of the Little Country Trio.

    Donna Jeffers-Baker

    p.s. I'm the 5 year old little girl singing on "God Is So Good To Me"