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Friday, June 24, 2011

Tells Of His Wonderful Love - The Singing Proffitts

Didn't It Rain
Tells Of His Wonderful Love
The Singing Proffitts
Melody Records - Hamilton, Ohio
Queen City Album - Cincinnati, Ohio

The Proffitts were from Hamilton, Ohio.

From the back cover: Dewey Proffitt was born in Clay Co., Ky., his lovely wife Thelma was born in Hamilton, Ohio, they have two daughters, Darla, age 8, and Tammy age 13. Darla has been singing with her parents since she was two years old. She does a wonderful job in "Walking in Jerusalem Just Like John".

The credit J. D. Jarvis on the back cover for the "wonderful work" he did in making the LP possible. Jarvis was a fixture on the gospel scene during this time, making many albums himself. He plays Dobro and Lead Guitar on this album.


  1. Memories of mother need the songs from this album

  2. how can i get a copy of this record or on cd???