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Monday, June 27, 2011

Pure Gold - The Uplifters

The Uplifters Sing
Pure Gold
Viola Records -VR-108
Lundy Recording Studio - Barbourville, Kentucky
Rite Record Production - Rite matrix number 5421 - 29358

I just blogged a record that features Billy Roop (a member of this group) and her family. Surprise, the next record on my stack to blog turns out to be this record featuring Roop and members of The Pineville, Kentucky Penecostal Church group she sang with.

Normally I do not post entire albums to conserve server space, but this album was so much fun that I just could not pick just one song as the feature sample.  The album features a little bit of everything, great female and male vocals, peppy arrangements and rockabilly.

I Cannot Find My Way Alone - Clifford and Nancy
Pure Gold - Billie Roop
Who Am I - Connie K. Smith
Another Hill - Earnie Carnes
Depending On You - Billie Roop
I Want To Be Save - Bro. George Neal
Go Down Moses - Group
Farther Along - Melvin Roop
If That Isn't Love - Clifford, Nancy and Connie
House Of Clay - Earnie Carnes
Do You Want To Shout - Van Johnson
Lights Of Home - Earnie Carnes

Musicians include: Larry Sinkhorn - Bass, Van Johnson - Lead Guitar, Ann Jackson – Piano, David Lundy Jr. - Drums, Fred Neal - Rhythm and Harmonica


  1. Thanks Mark.

    5021 is the Rite client number;
    What are the pressing numbers please? (should be something around 28.000 or 29.000)...

  2. This will be a delight! thanks!

  3. 29358. Thanks. I was assuming the opposite.

  4. I recently moved to Kentucky and have met and hung out with Larry Sinkhorn, bassist on this album. He was blown away that this album is out in cyberspace, I recently transfered two cassette tapes to digital of Larry's dad, Billy Sinkhorn, with Larry on bass also. Larry has played on other gospel records as well. I will find the names and titles of those soon. Larry still plays, but suffers from an injury to his fretting hand and it has limited his playing time.