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Friday, June 24, 2011

With All My Heart Thank You Lord - The Gospel Three

With All My Heart
With All My Heart Thank You Lord
The Gospel Three

This is a wonderful vintage country/grass gospel record. There is little information on the back cover. The photo in the lower right corner is are the group's Teen Agers" who perform a few tunes on the album including Mama's Teaching Angels. It is difficult to tell who the other folks are.

The sample song, With All My Heart was written by Newton-Baggett. I believe that is Baggett and his wife, Sue in the lower left corner of the back cover.

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  1. The date of release for this project is in 1960. The members of the group include Elton Buttrey (banjo), Charlie Martin (guitar), JC Frailex (electric guitar), and Newton Baggett (bass). They were all centered at the Whites Creek Church of the Nazarene in Nashville, where both Charlie Martin and Elton Buttrey continue to this day. Newton Bagget passed away in November 2003 and JC Frailex left the band shortly after this to form his own band and has since passed away as well.