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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Heaven Bound Singers - I'm Bound For The Land Of Canaan

One More Valley
The Heaven Bound Singers
I'm Bound For The Land Of Canaan
GRS - Gospel Recording Studios - Waynesville, Ohio

The Heaven Bound Singers worked out of Columbus, Ohio.

Apparently this was their second album which seems to have been recorded in someone's living room. Actually, most of these small labels were located a converted room found in someone's home.

Most of the tunes are vocal harmony and good stuff. There is one song, sample above, that feature a great solo vocal.

Here is the "Heaven Bound Singers" home as seen today.

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  1. The Heaven Bound Singers were a tremendous part of my Christian experience as a girl. Greenleaf Road Baptist Church was my home and theirs. I don't know if anyone really knows the full impact of music to the heart and spirit. I haven't heard them in about 40 years, yet when l looked them up today online, and played the music, I remembered nearly every word. I believe that God puts His message into the melody in our hearts, and is therefore sealed within us for life.