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Monday, July 18, 2011

Bluegrass Traditional And Contemporary - The Bluegrass Flyers

Bringing Mary Home
Bluegrass Traditional And Contemporary
The Bluegrass Flyers
Artist's Recording Co. - Cincinnati, Ohio

This isn't a gospel album, but it is local (Cincinnati, Ohio) press and I recognize at least two of the artists as session musicians from a number of local gospel LPs that I've posted on this blog to include: Dennis Hensley - Banjo/Baritone, Don Mason - Guitar/Tenor, Roy Conner - Mandolin/Lead, Ron Cole - Bass/Bass and Junior Bennett - Fiddle


  1. This was my father's band. There are actually 2 gospel songs on the album: "House of Gold" and "Get in Line Brother". It was recorded in 1975 in one take. My dad would have thought it was incredible that the band's music would be available so someone could listen to it today. I believe the album is available for download at for less than $2.00, if anyone is interested. It really is a pretty good album. The pickin' is hot! Cheers! Curtis Mason