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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Talking About A Good Time - Bobby Grove

Talking About A Good Time
Bobby Grove
Oak Records LP 170
Queen City Album - Cincinnati, Ohio

I've blogged a number of Bobby Grove albums here in The Gospel Barn. I resist pitting the quality of one artist against another, because all artists offer something special to the art form. But out of all the local artists I've blogged, Grove's recordings consistently offer the highest or most "commercial" quality sound. Meaning, I think Grove had the best chance out of all the local artists, working during the time period, of reaching a wider audience if he had found a home on a label.

It is interesting to note mention of The Bobby Grove Record Club on the back cover. Apparently Grove was producing an album every 60 days during this time as part of this promotion.

But what may be of most interest is that Grove is still active, unlike so many of his peers, and held on to his stock of records. You can still purchase actual vinyl from him through his website:

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