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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

He Was Waiting At The Altar - Forest And Jean Combs

He Was Waiting At The Alter
He Was Waiting At The Altar
Forest And Jean Combs
Jewel Recording Studio - Cincinnati, Ohio
LP 108

I believe, from the jacket notes, that the Combs worked out of Newport, Kentucky.

This is a fine country gospel album. Session musicians include: Phil Miles - Electric Guitar, Kenny Felts - Bass, Rev. Joe Elliot - Electric Guitar, Denny Rice - Piano, Bob Teagarden - Drums and Ray Wilson - Steel Guitar. The album was engineered and produced by Rusty York.


  1. Thanks Mark.

    From the (stock) cover, I'm sure it's just another Rite pressing.

    Can you read the pressing numbers please? It must be in the 17,000-18,000 range...

  2. I did not know that Jewel pressed their records at Rite. Yes, this is a Rite pressing: 18465

  3. is this the forest combs who played at the "old hickory" club in cincinnati ohio in the late 50's?
    i also remember something about the word "spud". thanks bob lawson cincinnati oh

    1. Yes it is the same Forest Combs that played at the Old Hickory. He had a husband and wife named Spud and Joye Spurlock that was part of his band. Forest was my dad. Would love to know more if you knew him back then. Thanks alot

      Sherri Combs Cox