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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bobby Grove Sings - It Was For You

Bobby Grove
It Was For You
King Records, Cincinnati, Ohio

Here is another Bobby Grove record, this time with a King Records brand on the cover. It is interesting to note the the label on the record is not a King Label, but, once again the Harrison, Ohio label, Oak Records. The label and jacket catalog numbers match.

There is a killer rockabilly number on this record called There Ain't No Grave To Hold My Body Down.

Bobby Grove apparently saved NOS of his records and offers many of them (with the exception of this one) on his website. It's cool that you can order a record from the original artist.


  1. I bought this album in 1964 and lost it somewhere along the way. I've been looking for a copy for many years. It is not available on his website.
    Any chance of you uploading it since it is not available? Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I generally only post a single sample of any album due to server space issues. Grove is actively marketing his work, so even though you can't buy this album from him, I won't post a sample in an effort to respect his creative rights.