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Saturday, July 9, 2011

They Said I Must Die - But God Had Other Plans

They Said I Must Die
But God Had Other Plans
Evangelist Cliff Hutchinson
Artist Recording Company - Cincinnati, Ohio

According to a newspaper clipping, reproduced on the back cover, Hutchinson ran his vehicle into a moving train locomotive in 1957. He suffered severe head, chest and abdominal injuries. Other passengers in the car were less severely injured. Hutchinson requested that those people be taken to the hospital before him.

Hutchinson goes on to tell his story of not only the car wreck, but surviving bone cancer in 1939. There is also a reference in a second clipping on the back cover about surviving cancer several years prior to the 1957 accident.


  1. A wonderful man and friend. I still miss him.

  2. How might one find a copy of this testimonial in whatever format it might exist. I once had a cassette tape of it but loaned it out to a person that unintentionally never got it back to me. I've searched everywhere for decades seeking to replace it with no luck! Do you have any idea where a copy exists or anyone willing to share recopies? My personal email address: