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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Victory Is Sweet - The Travelers

When I Look Back Down The Road
Victory Is Sweet
The Travelers
Jewel Records - Cincinnati, Ohio - JRC 83001

The Travelers are Jonie Campbell, Wanda Campbell and Tammy Bridges. This was their first album.

Rusty York, owner/operator of Jewel Records is credited with playing harmonica on this album.

Other musicians include: Bruce Andrews - Lead Gutiar, Paul Harkins - Bass, Wesley Bridges - Rhythm Guitar, Brenda Harkins - Piano, Tammy Bridges - Piano and Jr. Bennett - Strings.

The Travelers worked out of Cincinnati, Ohio.


  1. I know Wanda and Jonie personally! I even knew Tammy but I'm sure she doesn't remember me because I would just see her in Church when my babysitter Virty Campbell would have me with her. Virty is Jonies sis n law! Him and Wanda lived up the street from Virty and John. When I was a child Virty would listen to there records and I loved them so much that she bought them for me. Even as I grew up I'd go and stay weekends with her. I love the whole Campbell family! virty and her husband John were like a second mom and dad to me. If anyone knows where I can find these albums please post as I've searched the internet and this was the only thing I found. I lost my albums in a move along time ago and would love to have them! The Campbells have been more of a blessing to me then they will ever know.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Probably the best way to find albums of this vintage to search ebay every week and or check out (online record dealers).