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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A.A. Allen Presents - Prophetic Music

A.A. Allen Presents
Prophetic Music

A.A. Allen made a ton of records. Here's another LP that folks like to collect. The floating head Prophetic Music album. Healing claims on the back cover included a "Lady Preacher - Sis. Waters who was "Healed Of Hernia!". Also, one spinal cord injury was corrected and the power of God knocked Doris Hester out of her wheelchair. Priscilla Mitchell, who could not walk and suffered from arthritis, diabetes and blindness apparently arose from her wheel chair (although we don't know, and it may have been a lot ot ask, if all those afflictions were done away with.

The jacket is actually just a folded piece of cardboard, printed on the inside with advertisements of additional albums that you could order. The record is pressed on lovely translucent green vinyl.

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