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Friday, March 25, 2011

Lawson Family - Just For You

Heaven's Echoes
Lawson Family
Just For You
Melody Records - Hamilton, Ohio

This is the second Lawson Family album that I've found.

Judging by the cover photos, it looks like as much as five or more years had passed.

The family may have also moved from Florence to Union, Kentucky (Union being just down the road from Florence).


  1. Mr. Betcher,

    The Lawson family remained in Florence.
    The only recorded two albums. Junior Lawson, Marie`s husband, played no instrument nor sang but he was featured on the cover of both albums. Marie Lawson is the sister of Loman Jeffers who was a member of the Little Country Trio. Marie and her husband both passed away several years ago but their daughters are still living in the Florence area.

    Thank you for posting these!

  2. This album was recorded around 1977 because Amy Lawson (Sharon's daugther on the cover of the album) was born in 1976.

    Junior Lawson and Marie (Jeffers) Lawson were married in 1950 and Junior passed away in 1997. Marie passed away in 2006 and all three of her daughters live in Florence, Kentucky.

    The Lawson family recorded two albums and an 8-track tape. I can't remember the title of the 8-track but it came some time after "Just For You" probably around 1978-79.

    My mom wrote a song on this album titled "Beat of a New Drum" which received a lot of air time and was sung by a lot of local groups at the time.

  3. Love this family, my aunt Marie is my mom's sister. Both have passed away.