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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Wilson Family Sings

I'm So Happy
The Wilson Family Sings
Salem (Virginia) Records 1057

The Wilson Family worked out of West Virginia and according to the jacket notes: " of the most talented groups in the Bluegrass Business and in demand everywhere."

The Wilsons are, Walter, Ruthalea (lovely name), David and Jay.


  1. Mark,
    This is great! I had never heard this group before but I love their sound. Thanks,
    Jeremy A. Scott

  2. This is my aunt, uncle and cousins !!!

  3. Walter and Ruthalea are in their late 80's and we just lost David to a heart attack a couple of years ago. Jay (Walter, Jr.) is still kicking and in WV as well.

    Stan Wilson

  4. Stan - I archive data for the Bluegrass Discography and have this LP! Is it David or Jay on the fiddle/bass and what vocal parts do all four sing? Thanks, Tom Payne