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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Lawson Family - Dad's Grave

Dad's Grave
The Lawson Family
Will The Angels Let Me Play
Melody Records - Hamilton, Ohio


  1. Mr. Betcher,

    The Lawson family group members included Marie Lawson and her daughters Sharon, Sherry and Karen. Marie Lawson is the sister of Loman Jeffers who sang in the group the Little Country Trio. Loman Jeffers and Jesse Hutson, from the Little Country Trio, played guitar on this record. Marie passed away several years ago. Sharon, Sherry and Karen still live in the Northern KY., area.

    Latisha S. Hutson Gibson

  2. I'm not sure but I think this album was recorded in 1970. My mom is Karen Lawson Scott, the youngest of the three Lawson sisters and I think she was 10 when they recorded this album. My aunt Sharon sings lead in this song. In my opinion Sharon had one of the most powerful lead voices of anyone that I've ever heard.