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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Armageddon Singers

The War Goes On
The Armageddon Singers
St. Charles College, Catonsville, Maryland

Needless to say Armageddon Singers is great name for a group, a heavy metal band. On the other hand a heavy metal band would never call themselves "singers."

The notes on the back cover explain, briefly, what the concept of "Armageddon" means to the boys and "... their songs tell of the hope of the spirit, of the sadness and futility of war, and of the joys and sorrows of life. This in a nutshell is exactly what the Armageddon Singers want to sing about."

Note the illustration of little hooded KKK figures, a Civil War Battlefield and a... oh yeah... an atomic blast (they don't call them the Armageddon Singers for nothing!).

This recording was obviously not made in a studio. The sound quality is poor throughout and in places its sounds like the tape machine developed a flutter problem. Printed on the record label is a subtle disclaimer from RPC (the company that pressed the record): "Recorded from client's furnished tape"

Song choices, with exceptions, do not seem to support the album concept. The track posted above was written by one member of the group and, I think, that this is the song the illustration is based on.

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