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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Again - Merrill Womach

Merrill Womach
Happy Again & In Quartet

From the back cover: The Merrill Womach story is the account of a man whose life has been dramatically and unequivocably touched by God. Scarcely more than a dozen years ago he lay in a hospital bed badly burned as a result of a fiery plane crash which had nearly snuffed out his life.

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  1. My dad, who went to be w. the Lord that both Merrill and he loved, was a preacher of the gospel of Christ in KY and TN when my sis and I were young. Tho he didn't own this album, he had a Merrill W. record that came out a year earlier, entitled "My Song- A One Man Chorus". It had a pic on the front of a choir, all Merrill in different suits.