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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ernest Benge And Wife, Betty

Ernest Benge And Wife, Betty
Sings "He Made Me Whole"
Nation Wide Records, Hamilton, Ohio
Rite Records Productions, Cincinnati, Ohio

From the back cover: A few years ago, while working in church, I met Rev. Ernest Benge and he has always been a friend of mine. I think they did a great job on this album, and I think you will too, especially after listening to the title song, "He Made Me Whole," which I wrote. I also think Betty and Fredia of Cincinnat did a great job on this album on the songs which they did. I also think Ernest's brother, Cecil Benge, did an outstanding job on the songs the he did on this album. – J. D. Jarvis


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    1. Sorry. Apparently there was some reason, that I can no longer remember... why I did not post a sample from this LP.