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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Sounds Of The Harptones

God Is Real
The Sounds Of The Harptones
Rite Records Productions, Cincinnati, Ohio
Sides 31849 & 31850

Also see: Pray by The Harptones

This is the "doo-wop" Harptones from Cincinnati. The members as listed on the back cover are: Charles Godfrey, Joseph Jenkins, Vincent Godfrey, Donald Oliver, James Avant and Melvin Hayes (road manager).

Comment from the original post: Hi, I was fooling around on my internet and decided as a lark to do a search for the Harptones. My father, Raymond Willis, sang with them in the early 60's. At that time Fee Godfrey was the leader. He sang tenor and recorded the song Dear Lord, Forgive me. Over the years, we lost touch with the other members, as far as I know he's the last of one of the originals from that group. It's so wonderful to know that the group is still singing. Thank you for putting this out there.


  1. Hi, my name is Kendra. I have family members in this group,too. fee godfrey is my grandfather. Vincent Godfrey is my father. I have been looking for there original music! Where did you get this?

  2. Hello Kendra! I live in the area where many of these albums were recorded. So most of them are found in local thrifts and some at record stores. I posted a link (above) to another Harptones LP I found recently. Would you like a copy of that entire LP? For some reason, I can't find this album in my files at the moment.

  3. I just found this album, the Harptones are great. I believe I have some more of their stuff but this was a cool find.