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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Armageddon Experience

Carpenter Man
The Armageddon Experience
M/M Recording

From the back cover: ARMAGEDDON is coming. It's in the Book. Can you dig it?

Think "End O The World" rock opera.  "The Armageddon Experience" is the name of the "group" that made this album.

Eden - Shady Day
Jesus Power
Creative Sound CSS 1562

The 45 above was found in a plain paper sleeve inside of the album.


  1. While I have never located a full lineup for the band, the one contributor whose name I am aware of has quite a bit of notoriety.

    Michael Omartian was part of the group and would go on to record several solo albums of Christian rock in the late 70s, 80s and 90s (some of them with wife Stormie, now better known as a Christian author).

    He is probably best known though for his mainstream work as a producer for acts like Rod Stewart and Christopher Cross. He also did occasional session work (you can see his name in the liners of a few Steely Dan LPs).

  2. The drummer Jonn Gilbert is a high school history teacher now. He teaches in the room next to me. No kidding.