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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Soul Of A Child

Daddy, What Happens When We Die?
The Soul Of A Child
Jimmie John
Do-Ra-Me CLP-6422

Most of the album track titles on this set are questions such as "Daddy, Where Do I Come From? and "Daddy, What Is Love?"

From the back cover: Unless answered truthfully and with the sincerity with which they are asked, they leave a damaging void that develops into confusion.

The answers are as obscure as the album.

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  1. Mr. Betcher, there were a number of "teaching" albums that came out in the 50's and 60's by all different kinds of organizations. One has to remember that there was no internet, and very little in the way of TV channels, and no Sesame Street. What was available on LP could be as practical as a typing course, multiplication tables, english, spelling, etc. There were also religious-themed LPs, such as Bible lessons, and the toughest questions kids asked, like this LP. "Daddy, what happens when we die?" is a classic question, usually asked when a grandparent has passed. The recording presents an easy to understand allergory, but leaves it up to the father to give direction from the Bible. This respects the Father's spiritual role in the traditional home (remember the year this was almost 50 years ago) and respects whatever Christian church they belonged to. It was understood that it was bought by a Christian family. Also, there were some recordings for the blind.