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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Art And Judie Sings - Just One Way

Troublesome Waters
Art And Judie Sings
Just One Way
Queen City Album, Cincinnati

Here's another terrific country gospel album with a wonderful cover.

Art and Judie's mailing address was Xenia, Ohio.

Judie is Art's daughter. They hail from Virginia. This is their second album.

Art and Judie are standing at gate leading into the Spring Valley Cemetery. It's hard to see, but there is a woman in a long dress holding the hands of two children on the path in the distance. I'm not sure if this was happenstance or planned.

I half expected to hear a song about the undead or vampires or a tribute to Plan 9 From Outer Space. But what you get are a number of honest tunes, including one Johnny Cash cover, He Turned The Waters Into Wine.  But, I'm more fond of a track found on the B Side, Troublesome Waters.


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